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NY/BIG conference: Friday, June 13th, 9:00am – 6:15pm at NYU

Originally a meeting of Bacillus researchers located in the New York area, the NY/BIG has expanded to include other bacteria as well. This one day symposium also has speakers from beyond the NY area. Find more about it:

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Predictive models of the gut microbiota

The primary function of intestinal microbiota seems to be to provide genes for metabolic reactions that are not available in the host’s genome. This enables us to process nutrients that would otherwise be unavailable to us. Another, perhaps secondary, function is to … Continue reading

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Parallel evolution on a Petri dish

How predictable can evolution be? This question is surely hard to answer. Even the smallest bacterial genomes have hundred of thousands of nucleotides that can be mutated and the genotypic space to explore can be huge. Moreover, even in a … Continue reading

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Modeling microbiome dynamics

Recent advances in DNA sequencing and metagenomics are opening a window into the human microbiome, and revealing novel associations between microbes, health and disease. But most microbiome studies are cross-sectional and lack a mechanistic understanding of this ecosystem. We developed … Continue reading

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Spatial structure in tumor microenvironment

Cancer cells have dramatic metabolic alterations that can give growth advantages but also cause changes in the extracellular environment, i.e. the tumor microenvironment. We used a multidisciplinary combination of computational and experimental methods to show that lactic acid accumulation can … Continue reading

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Cooperation in microbes

Darwin’s theory of natural selection relies on the selfish survival of the fittest. Still, there are numerous examples of adaptive cooperative traits in nature. How can selection favor individuals that carry out costly actions for the benefit of others? This … Continue reading

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Systems Biology of Cell-Cell Interactions

Cells and organisms cope with the task of maintaining their phenotypes in the face of numerous challenges. Much attention has recently been paid to questions of how cells control molecular processes to ensure robustness. However, many biological functions are multicellular … Continue reading

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