The lab in November 2016. Left to right: Kat, Jinyuan, Nate, Carlos, João, Jonas, Manuradhi, Max and Hilary

By order of joining the lab:
Joao Xavier, PI
Maxime Deforet, Postdoc
Jinyuan Yan, postdoc
Hilary Monaco, PhD Student, Tri-Institutional Computational Biomedicine
Nathaniel Campbell, MD/PhD Student
Jonas Schluter, Postdoc
Katharine Coyte, Postdoc
Bradford Taylor, Postdoc
Deepti Mathur, Postdoc

Samia Williams, administrative assistant

Former postdocs
Carlos Carmona Fontaine, Assistant Professor at NYU Department of Biology
Vanni Bucci, Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Dave van Ditmarsch, medical associate at The Scienomics Group
Silja Heilmann, postdoc at the Danish Stem Cell Center of the University of Copenhagen

Lab PhDs
Laura de Vargas Roditi, graduated July 2013, now postdoc at the ETH in Zurich
Will Chang, graduated January 2015, now postdoc at the Albert Einstein
Kerry Boyle, graduated May 2017, now in a tutoring company that she cofounded

Other members
Manuradhi Perera, MSc Thesis from NYU


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